An appeal for a sound system

Hi again readers!

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts around other spots online such as Twitter and Instagram, as well as you will know I’m currently in Uganda assisting my wife with her PHD research. I’ll talk a lot more about the trip later on, but right now I want to talk about sound gear.

I want to make it plain that while making appeals on the blog isn’t something I normally do, I haven’t been hacked. This isn’t a scam and you haven’t been left a large sum of money by a member of the Ugandan royal family. This is a legit request.

The ministry we are interning with in Kampala, Moment of Truth Evangelistic Ministries (MOTEM) are fundraising for a sound system to use both as part of their outreach to the city and as a source of income for the ministry, as well as being a potential source of employment for the city youth this ministry cares for.

The total cost of the system works out to around $NZ2,702.40 which will buy the ministry enough gear to get started with a basic system. Some fundraising has already taken place, leaving the total remaining funds to be raised at $NZ1817.40.

If the money arrives and the equipment is purchased before Susan and I leave Uganda, MOTEM will be utilising my experience and studies to train some of they young people the ministry look after to run the system, so it can be used not only as a ministry tool, but as a source of income and employment so the ministry can be self-supporting and the youth can support themselves towards further studies.

If you are at all interested in helping this cause, please contact me via my page at
And I can provide you with the documents to prove this is legit. If you don’t want to, I understand and promise never to silently judge you for the rest of my life.

This is a big opportunity for me to use my experience thus far to help these guys out.

Thank you for your consideration.