Happy new near!

Well, it’s that time again. We have all made another trip around the sun and the behemoth of 2013 is staring us in the face. While most of you read this I suppose it’s nighttime, which is a little odd to countenance right now since it isn’t even midday in Uganda yet. 2012 has been a really big year for me. I finally got off my ass and started the one tertiary degree I always wanted to do, but that did mean I got on a six hour per week commute to Invercargill and back. It’s absolutely been worth it though! I have learned a whole lot more about the world of audio than I knew previously, and I have had to develop more confidence in my ability to do anything important, since I ended up in positions that had some real responsibility attached! I have made some great friends down south too, you all know who you are, thanks for putting up with all the bad jokes. I produced a bunch of material for my outer sound moniker, Blood Turbine, this year. I haven’t uploaded all of it, but I feel like it’s all a good start to get that experimental aspect of my music creation working well. I also learned a lot more about the complications of wearing in-ear headphones. The ears are weird things and they don’t seem to stay the same from day-to-day, or even hour to hour! Those trusty House of Marley in-ears have still stuck by me throughout the epic commutes and the walks around town, I still highly recommend them.

The music of 2012 has been excellent! Releases from The Divine Fits, Poliça, Tame Impala, Clark, Andrew Bird and many many more have made the soundtrack to my year (which you can find further down the blog.) It’s been interesting to listen to them with the ears BAP has given me, I don’t know exactly what the tutors have done to me, but I can hear the stereo imaging (or lack thereof) in every song I listen to now, and it’s not going to be the same ever again.

You wouldn’t believe it to look at me right now (screw you, African diet!) but I lost a ton of weight and did a ton of exercise this year, which gives me hope for next year that I can work off what I’ve had to eat over here (it’s a high-carb diet in a stinking hot country, enough said.) On a diet tip, though, I have learned the benefits of moderation (in some respects.)

Spiritually I have grown a bit (objectively). I guess I’ve had to with all the challenges I’ve faced this year. I still don’t think I’m that great a person, but Philipians 1:6 combined with the very near-deadly mishap I had on my bike this month make me think God isn’t done working on me yet.

So what of the future?

I don’t make resolutions. I find I can disappoint myself easily enough without setting them. I will be going back to the Deep South within a couple of days of touching back down in New Zealand. I don’t know exactly where I’ll be living yet, but thanks to the wonders of mobile Internet can organise that from abroad. Second year BAP is notoriously difficult, so I’m hoping I can knuckle down and work as much as I did last year, if not more.
I’m hoping to do more work on my other musical monikers. Now that Audiobus has finally been released (I have been waiting all year!) I feel like I can achieve a lot more of the work I hear in my mind using just my trusty iPad. I’ll definitely be exercising more. Now that I know a little more about how to maintain my mountain bike I may be able to afford more cycling next year, and I’m eagerly awaiting season 2 of Zombies, Run! Even though I’ve still got about 30km of missions left in season 1. Music is looking promising in 2013 too. I’ve got Minuit’s new album (released on the 21st) to look forward to, as well as the latest release from my favourite electronic producer Lusine, which will be delivered to my inbox the day we arrive back in New Zealand! I don’t anticipate a ton of new releases that I’ll really get into, but that’s ok because I have about 200 albums queued up on Spotify to play through.

Ok, I should probably wrap this up and get over to lunch now, but I just want to thank everyone for all they’ve been this year and pray an extrapolated version of what I usually pray in the morning, that 2013 goes better than 2012 did, and that 2014 is even better again.

See you (in person) in February.


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