My album of the Year 2012 is…

Music has been as big a part of my life as ever in 2012 and a number of new albums that took my fancy were released this year. Albums from School of Seven Bells, Andrew Bird, Jack White and Alt-J were all excellent listens in theit own way, but for me one album stood out. It’s interesting that I seem to be the only person who likes this album, as other critics and fans say it isn’t the artist’s best work, but I feel like this album – in it’s brevity- is complete and wholly engaging.


My album of the year is Clark’s Iradelphic.

This is electronic music as people who have studied electronic music know it. Wonderous and captivating, varied but consistant. The whole album deserves a listen on a hot summer day at the bach (or the crib, or the holiday home, or the camping ground.) There are smooth, hazy blends of guitar and synth, drums that feel programmed, but programmed by a musician instead of,say, a rocket scientist. The vocals lend a slightly twee Belle-and-Sebastian vibe to tracks like Open and Secret, and instruments that morph from their original form into a fluid state of synthesis and re-synthesis. Boards of Canada fans should try a listen if they’re feeling nostalgic (Clark is a labelmate of theirs on Warp Records) and if the 12-track album isn’t enough for you there is an extra disc of material available called Fantasm Planes which was released during our spring. Not only that but Clark and Warp have put some of the outtakes from the Iradelphic sessions up for people to download!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my album of the year 2012


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