My podcast of the year 2012: Pensado’s Place.

For 40 weeks this year I spent a total of six hours on the bus between Dunedin and Invercargill. There’s too much road noise to properly listen to music on a bus, so I passed the trips with audiobooks and podcasts. I already have a swathe of tech news, courtesy of but owing to the nature of my degree I wanted something more focused on the world of professional audio. I typed ‘Audio Engineering’ into Downcast’s search engine and found these guys:

Dave Pensado is a renowned mix engineer based in California. He’s been in the audio industry for what seems like ages and has worked on tracks by Christian Agulera, Elton John, Beyonce, even the late great M.J. He has a wealth of experience to share himself, but normally he takes more of a back seat, interviewing other audio engineers, producers and musicians, getting into detail about their work, their experiences and their weapons of choice in the studio or live.

I’ve found Dave, Herb and Will have put together a great source of knowledge for any aspiring audio engineers, producers and musicians and would absolutely recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to learn more about the world of professional audio.


…just don’t watch the video version in a moving vehicle, stick to the audio version for that.


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