And my song of the year for 2012 is…

As you may have gathered in my previous post, music has been a big part of my year. Everything from the twee, slightly racially naiive acoustic noodlings of Girlyman to the awe-inspiringly crazy breakcore of Artificial Lover, my year has been full of songs. 


My song of the year is one I discovered quite by accident when I just casually added it to one of my Spotify playlists and it came up while I was just sitting in my room in Invercargill listening to music. In short, it was the musical equivalent of taking a .50 cal bullet between the ears.

My song of the year for 2012 is Zomby’s ‘Rumours and Revelations.’


(Sorry about the quality of the sound on that clip, it really doesn’t do the song justice but none of the others did either.)

The first thing you notice is that bass. On a pair of speakers it rattles your floor, on a pair of cans it flattens your pinnae against your head and when you’re using a pair of in-ears the low frequencies will cave your skull in. The silky, concussive throbbing is offset by that psuedo pan-flute-sounding lead line and the shakers that dart around the tops of your ears like flying Amazonian insects. The string pad in the breakdowns bring a dollop of more traditional electronica and the whole piece is lovingly garnished by the smapled melodica and toasting throughout. On a good sound system (or at least something better than Earpods) this song is an absolute treat, I can only imagine how much better it would be on vinyl!


Now of course, I’m not going to leave out all the other pieces of music that made the soundtrack to my year (or rather, I’m going to leave out as few of them as possible), so if you’re on Spotify you should be able to stream my entire Songs of the Year playlist below. As it stands there is one song on there for every week of the year. How fitting.

Songs of the Year – 2012



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