My app of the year 2012: Spotify [UPDATED]

2012 has been a year of indespensible apps for me. Downcast (, Springpad ( and Runtastic’s mountainbike computer, ( to name but a few, have all been super useful over the last 12 months. My app of the year though goes to a service we only got in New Zealand this summer.



Yep, after my blog post from January about how much I wanted Spotify in New Zealand

( )

the subscription music service finally arrived on our fair shores and became exactly what I wanted it to become; an legal alternative to piracy. I’m a little irate that it took this long for the service to launch, and sometimes playlists to just disappear like people who snitch on the mafia but overall Spotify has been great.

It’s had the added bonus of reducing my need to plug my iStuff into iTunes. There are so many things I would rather do than deal with that monstrous stinking heap of code and Spotify has reduced my need to look into those alternatives.

UPDATE: I forgot to add my list of all the other great apps that contributed to my mobile life this year. Here are the rest, courtesy of Appflow:…


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