Product of the year 2012: the iPad 3


Yes, I did pick this as my product of the year. Mostly because I managed to complete a whole year of study on it without having a traditional computer of my own with me (I did use the school’s computers for extended typing sessions.)
Some of the apps for iOS were also hugely useful, but that’s another entry for another occasion.

I still use the Wi-Fi only model and tether that to my phone if I need Internet on the move, which has worked out to be a nice arrangement thus far. I’m hoping it will work as well overseas as it does in New Zealand, as my wife and I will be relying on wireless tethering for most of our Internet, including updates for our travel blog ‘Funny Place’

I suppose the question “why didn’t you name the 4th-gen iPad as product of the year?” Should be addressed. The answer is simple; I’m still unreasonably pissed-off about the lightning cable, I’m having a hard time letting that go.


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