I: Technologist: Privacy On One’s Own Terms


There’s a lot of complaint about the lack on it on the Internet these days, mostly because we couldn’t be arsed reading the screeds and screeds of TOS agreements we got when we installed that new ‘killer app’ on our smartphones.

My argument in this arena has always been “if you don’t want someone to know about it, don’t put it on a computer.” The thing is that while I’m so obscure and in such a remote country most of the world couldn’t possibly care less about what I put on my phone, I’d still like to think that some stuff is private.

I’d like to be able to choose what I share with anyone else. I choose which venues I want to check into on Foursquare, I choose which pictures to post on Facebook. I choose which songs I want to share that I’m listening to, but more importantly, I choose what NOT to share. if I just shared every single one of the songs I listen to it would be the only thing in your Twitter feed. Same with Foursquare, nobody cares where I am unless I can highly recommend it and endorse it.

I just like to choose what I share, and I’d like to not have that choice made for me. Other than that, I suppose I’ll just have to keep my head down and my mouth shut.