My immediate reaction to the Megaupload arrests

Well well well, this is an interesting turn of events.

It would appear that NBR has reported the arrest of the CEO of popular file sharing website Megaupload by the New Zealand police at the behest of the FBI, no doubt at the behest of big content in the States. Anonymous has already gone batshit crazy, taking out websitessites of the Department of Justice, RIAA, and Universal Music Group, among others. My reaction is one of fury that the American government can be allowed to throw their weight around in a manner stereotypical of it’s citizens and that NZ’s government has bent over and taken it like that one guy who is forced to pick up the soap in the prison shower, but raging about the closure of one file uploading site is as pointless as a radio show for the deaf, because frankly there will be a dozen alternatives to Megaupload by Monday let alone that there are already a dozen alternatives at least. What really concerns me is what the US will do next. If it were me I would push a law that effectively told the citizens of the world what kind of website you were legally allowed to publish, making any file uploading site or service illegal, thus ruining the concept of the cloud as we know it. And the way SOPA and PIPA have gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if such a law were to surface before Congress in the next eighteen months.

In the meantime there are many alternatives to Megaupload (although finding ones that work with iOS are a by tricky) and more will pop up as time goes on, so unless you paid for a premium account I wouldn’t lose a whole lot of sleep right now.


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