New Track from @BloodTurbine: A remix of ‘The Fear’ by R√∂yksopp

I’ve finally released something under my outer sound moniker Blood Turbine, it’s a remix of a tune called ‘The Fear’ by Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp.

I’ve been a bit fan of Röyksopp’s music ever since they debuted in 2001 with the album ‘Melody A.M. Their sound has changed from aLbum to album, and their fourth studio release (technically their sixth album) sees the pair going to new levels of mature, but brooding electronica. My remix is definitely a lot creepier than the original, but I think it’s just as all-enveloping. I made it completely on my iPad using Sunrizer, SoundEpic, Hokusai, and Meteor.

I hope you enjoy.

 The Fear (Blood Turbine Remix) by Röyksopp.


My tribute to Steve Jobs

My tribute to this visionary, polarising genius of a man is a mixtape. Because that’s one of the few things I think I can do that does him any justice. The tape is editable, so if you feel like joining Dragontape and adding a song choice or two of your own to it, be my guest.

So here it is. a mixtape for a man who will be missed.

Rest in peace, Steve.