SoundTracking: the radio station in my head finally finds a broadcast model!

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything about an iOS app (well, on this blog anyway) but I’m more hooked on this one than Charlie Sheen is on ‘winning’

SoundTracking is, as Sarah Lane described it on the opening episode of ‘The Social Hour’ (nee ‘Net@Night’) as ‘a style client for the iPhone.’ being the most prominent social music network I can think of other than Pandora. Blip does, however have one archilles heel. There is no official mobile client, the third party client that supports it is as reliable as an old Skoda and the website just doesn’t work on iOS.

And this is where SoundTracking comes in.

Like some other people, I have a radio station (or to don the mannerisms of a hipster, a playlist) in my head. Just tunes I’ve listened to throughout my life just pop into my head and roll around there only to be replaced by another tune sometime later. I like sharing those songs with other people and I’m in the fortunate position that no-one seems to complain about it. Some people even follow what I listen to!


So, to start. The screenshot above is what you get once you’ve signed up and plugged any combination of your Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare credentials into the app. You can pick the song that’s playing on your iPod app, you can use the SoundHound-esque listening feature if you’re just hearing a stunning mystery song for the first time, or you can do what I do and type the artist and title in manually.


As you type in a title the app will start guessing what you’re looking for. Handy if you only remember half the title.


The database of songs and artists is pretty comprehensive, but not exhaustive. If your song can’t be found you can still keep the details, you just won’t get quite the same experience with the rest of the app.

Once your song is loaded you get this screen.


And from here you can throw in some nice metadata. From photos


(you can choose a photo of the artists, a photo from your Camera Roll or you can take a new photo)

To location data (provided by FourSquare)


And a description that gets pushed out as the lead-in for your tweet and/or your status update.

Once you’re done, hit ‘Preview’ and SoundTracking packages your post up and displays your post in both a mobile site and a full website, complete with a song preview (assuming SoundTracking found your song earlier) and a link to buy it on iTunes. You can then hit ‘Send’ and it’s on it’s way to the big wide world of internets.


There are a bunch of social networking features within SoundTracking itself such as likes, loves, follows and unfollows (the best of Facebook and Twitter, apparently), but I put more effort into piping the posts out to my linked networks.

There are one or two flaws still in this app. The list of Foursquare places isn’t as complete as it is in the Foursquare app itself, but SoundTracking have a good track record of fixing bugs so far, and since this is a free app, I’m not loathe to say you get what you pay for.

So I’m going to keep using this for sharing my tastes in music and the special moments that coincide therewith. I can do it on the go, and it’s a great user experience. If you’re one of these people with a built-in jukebox, or you want to add some context to the reasons you love your favourite songs this app is absolutely for you!


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