30 Day Song Challenge: Day 11 – A song from your favourite band

Again, there are too many artists I like to have one favourite, so I’ve just picked a song that I like a lot, from a band that I like a lot.

I was going to do Zorch’s Zut Alore but I’ve already shared that, so I picked this instead:

I got introduced to this danish powerhouse by my classmate in year 13 who would later go on to become dux of my year, and who oddly enough looks a bit like the lead singer. Anyway, he brought in a copy of Mew’s And The Glass-Handed Kites, we listened to the whole thing through once during a study period, and immediately after school I went to the nearest CD shop that stocked the album and bought it. This is from the latest album Mew made, entitled No more stories are told today. I’m sorry, they washed away. No more stories, the world is grey. I’m tired, let’s wash away. Easily the longest album title I have in my library, and one of the albums that my wife and I listened to on our honeymoon last year.

Here’s another video from the same session of a song from And The Glass-Handed Kites


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