30 Day Song Challenge mega-update!

Ok, so I missed two days of the 30 Day Song Challenge, so I’m going to include them in today’s post.

Day 6: A song that reminds you of somewhere

For this, I chose Kings of Leon’s Arizona

This song reminds me of several places. The Mackenzie basin where I grew up,  Driving into the small town of Geraldine at 5pm on Good Friday 2009, cruising through the Victoria countryside with my wife, sister and mother-in law in their 2-door Daewoo, and heading off into the great blue beyond southwest of Cromwell with my father in-law’s 4WD L300 van for a drive trough the Nevis Valley.

Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

The National – England

My song of choice reminds me of my grandfather’s funeral. Not that it’s an especially depressing song in my mind, I’m jut always going to link it with that time, because that’s about when I first heard it. My grandad was the first of my ‘extended’ family to die, honestly I’m blessed to have made it 22 years without having to go to a family funeral. I still have one living grandfather, and oddly enough, as I type this, he’s in the next room attending a lecture on neuroscience, the subject he used to teach at the Otago MedSchool.

Day 8: A song to which you know all the words.

I sometimes sing this when I’m driving around town by myself. It was big when I was at high school, although it could have just been the kinda crowd I roll with. Anyway, my song for today is ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s epic ‘Albuquerque’

Enjoy! I’ll try to be more punctual tomorrow.


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