30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1 – Your favourite song

I found one of my friends taking this challenge on facebook, so I thought, with the amount of music I’ve listened to over the years (my general love of music, notwithstanding) I’d give it a go.

I like too many songs to pick one favourite, but I chose this because it spearheaded my particular interest for all electronic music, not just the heady trance that accompanied this tune on Gatecrasher’s ‘Global Sound System’ album back at the turn of the century. There’s always been something about this tune for me that was sonically awesome. You may not feel the same way, and I don’t mind. That’s why I wear headphones, so you don’t have to hear the music I like unless you really want to.
So, without further Ado, here’s Flat 6 with a rare classic – It’s Too Late (this version remixed by Andria Doria)


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