30 Day Song Challenge: Day 20 – A song you listen to when you’re angry

One of the reasons I don’t get angry very often is that as a child I had a tendency to get really vicious when provoked. As a result, I’m now regarded by some as the most passive person they know.

You wouldn’t think it after listening to these…


30 Day Song Challenge: Day 19 – A song from your favourite album

I have thought a lot about what my favourite album is. I have listened to thousands of them over the last 22 years and while some of them were absolutely awful, I would favourite the overwhelming majority of them. After I gave it a lot of thought I would have to go way back. Before high school, before Twizel, back to when I was too small to reach the stereo, so my parents had to put on a cassette, or a CD, or an LP for me and it is at that time that my parents introduced me to New Zealand composer Ron Goodwin.

His album Going Places still captures my imagination as if I were three again. It reminds me that life doesn’t completely suck, and in a weird way, it makes me feel good about who I’ve become. All that from a selection of international songs arranged for a large orchestra.
The song I chose, is one iconic to New Zealand, though none of you will have heard it. The only video I could find looks like it’s about as worn out as the cassette tape on which I first heard this song (lucky I found a pristine vinyl copy at the Regent music sale last year.) If you’ve ever been to Queenstown you should recognise the grand old lady of the lake in this video. Now, possibly for the first time, in sub-par quality, you’ll hear the song written for her.

Ron Goodwin’s Earnslaw Steam Theme

When I get a little time (and my LP back from my parents) I’ll put up a better sounding video of this song.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 17 – A song you always hear on the radio

This one of pointless.

I gave up on listening to commercial radio in 2005 because pop music had turned to complete drivel, and the only time I’ve gone back to radio was this year during the Christchurch Earhtquake, and it was Radio Live, a talkback station that was very helpful during the earthquake.

Let’s just skip this and move onto the next one.