Facebook’s new security measure. About as useless as Radio for deaf people

Before I start, allow me to explain my current situation. I’m standing in the woolshed at Wedderburn drying out after attempting to cycle the southern half of the Otago Central Rail Trail and being rained out. Better me standing around in a warm shelter doing nothing until 4pm than stubbornly pushing on and catching hypothermia, so while I was just standing here out of the pouring rail I decided to check my email.

Now on Friday night I read about facebook’s new security features and attempted to enable them. I set it up so that if an unfarmilliar device logged onto my facebook account then I would get an email. I presumed that any unfarmilliar device would not be allowed on my facebook page without my say-so. What happened since then appears to be the opposite.


Those two screengrabs are the emails I got sent after my wife had hopped on my facebook page last night from her netbook to play House of Travel’s new mixandmatcher competition. As far as I know facebook didn’t throw up a big stink when she logged on, it just let her play on through. If it had actually complained I would have received a text from my wife saying she couldn’t get in and needed my help.

Now I said I wasn’t concerned about what data of mine facebook has, and that still holds true, what does concern me is that facebook didn’t appear to stop someone else from getting into my account, as they claimed their new privacy feature was built to do. Once again, they have made their new features opt-out (wrapped in a layer of opt- in, I might add.) which will no doubt please the Diaspora* crowd. I guess I can still rely on security through obscurity and the fact that nobody is really that interested in me, but if someone out there wants to do You harm I don’t see facebook as being any more secure now than it was two days ago.

Now to go sample some of the local delights…


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