a snippet of inner dialouge

You’re not far wrong. None of this is actually going to last. Dad wasn’t far wrong, about being distracted by screens. I guess I’ve always tried to view them as a tool for our work in the world, but tools are not good or evil in themselves. They are a neutral device which in this day and age are not necessarily controlled by solely one party.

That’s quite a scary thought, isn’t it? that your iPhone, with all that valuable, important, information on it is not soley at your command, or that your laptop may have more than one Administrator, despite what you set up when you re/installed Windows for the third time. I’m not referring to flaws in cyber-security…or maybe I am. maybe I’m just talking about the lack of control we have over ourselves when we sttempt tasks with said tools. Master and Commander is certainly playing for your attention right now…I’ve always liked the final sequence, a great piece of music, however simple it may be. but there, that’s the point. You could be doing many other things. maybe you should be doing many other things.

Granted you’ve done the dishes and made the bed, and you’re a great help to Susan aroudn the house, but don’t you think you could sped a little more time in prayer? I mean, remember what Mike said, why not take a minute of the time you’re thinking about silly, inconserquential things and instead use that time to pray. You’ll see how much more time you spend in prayer that way. If you want to time it then that’s fine, but I doubt God has a stopwatch going at his end. I’m only telling you this because you think it’s important. You know that in the long term, none of the glazings of this world will matter. You’ll look back and think ‘why was I distracted by the opening sequence of Collateral on the TV, and why for that matter, haven’t I turned it off since I’m trying not to be distracted by it?’

Obviously these things are not important on an objective scale, You and I understand your deep interest in electronic technology, and where it is going to take humanity in the future, as well as how you can best use it to show that your belief, and faith in God really works. You also know how easy it is to be distracted, and how quickly a new-formed discipline can fall by the wayside. I’ve seen you fight for greater victories though Andrew, so I know, with prayer, you can do anything. Phil 4:13

…and don’t forget Mat 6.33 either. Put those first, and everything else will fall into place. I now you’re not perfect, but I also know what you can do when you get up and do it.


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