My first (of two) playlists for our reception

I guess it’s rubbing everyone’s noses in it a bit, but I thought I’d share these lists, since you might like to have a listen to some of these songs yourselves.

This is the first playlist, for when people are coming in, sitting down, and having dinner, so it’s all pretty laid back stuff to have in the background. There are some songs that are important to us, as well as songs that just suit the mood. The list is kind-of big, since it’s better to over-estimate these things than have dead air.

1. Life’s So Sweet by Moby, from 18: The B Sides
2. You Are The Love of My Life by George Benson, from 20/20
3. Beyond The Sea by George Benson, from 20/20
4. Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys, from 20 Great Love Songs
5. ’93 A.k.a. Don’t Stop Me Now by Lemon Jelly, from ’64-’95
6. Our Eyes Are Blue by Mindthings, from Above Everything
7. Albatross by Chris Coco (Featuring Peter Green), from After Dinner Mint
8. Sunday – 8p.m. by Faithless, from After Dinner Mint
9. At The River (Presence Mix) by Groove Armada, from After Dinner Mint
10. Take Me Away (Into The Night) by 4 Strings, from After Dinner Mint

11. Lazy Calm by the Cocteau Twins, from After Dinner Mint
12. Welcome by International Observer, from All Played Out
13. Private Road by Bent, from Best Of Bent
14. Arizona  by Kings of Leon, from Because of the Times
15. My Friend by Groove Armada, from The Best Of Groove Armada
16. Operation Costs by Lusine, from A Certain Distance
17. Gravity by Lusine, from A Certain Distance
18. Gymnopide No. 1 from The Classic Chillout Album
19. Street Tattoo from The Classic Chillout Album
20. In A Landscape by Wiliam Orbit, from The Classic Chillout Album

21. Yellow (Live Acoustic) by Coldplay, from Clocks (U.K. CD Single)
22. Feedme by Lusine ICL, from Coalition 2000
23. Float by L’usine, from Coded (EP)
24. Together by Andy Hunter, from Colour
25. Southern Lights by SJD, from Comfort Zone
26. Ramblin’ Man by Lemon Jelly, from Comfort Zone
27. Muskrat Love by America, from Definitive America
28. Time Version by the Easy Star All-Stars, from Dub Side of the Moon
29. Everyone from Everywhere by Minuit, from
30. Interlude by Rhombus, from Future Reference

31. I Need You by Subwave, from The Future Sound of Russia
32. Sweet Rose by Pete Lozinski, from Cathedral of Sound: Global DJ Experience
33. The Sum of Us by Minuit, from The Gaurds Themselves
34. Temptation by Moby, from Hotel
35. Sommiel, from Idol Tryouts Two
36. The Loving Sounds of Static (Junior Boys Remix), by the Mobius Band, from Idol Tryouts Two
37. Finally, by Jamie’s Astronaut Friend
38. Melt by Leftfield, from Leftism
39. Plym by Jaga Jazzist, from Magazine
40. Renaissance Affair by Hooverphonic, from The Magnificent Tree

41. 7th Folding Space by Conray, from Mefasolate
42. Eple by Röyksopp, from Melody A.M.
43. The Pharohs by Neko Case, from Middle Cyclone
44. Sunshine by Rhian Sheehan, from Tiny Blue Biosphere
45. Blind Tiger by Layo & Bushwacka!, from Night

So yeah, it’s quite a big list, but it should last the first part of the evening at least!


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