Sunset at Punakaiki

Sunset at Punakaiki last nght


Blog shout-out: Stories For Stories

Hey everyone

I was lying in bed this morning and I just had the thought (or may have had the thought impressed upon me) to give these guys, or gals as the case may be, a mention.

Stories For Stories is run by @eloranicole, whom I met over Twitter in April last year during the Rescue; a global awareness movement to highlight the plight of the invisible children, child soldiers in the DCR based ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’ militia (euphemism much?) I have been captured by her unfailing selfless love for those less fortunate than ourselves, and challenged by some of the things she has to say.

Stories for Stories itself is a collaberation between Elora and her sister Blanche that is intended to do just what I described above. To give the broken a voice, to challenge us shmoes out of complacency and to show love to the people who feel they have none. There are a few stories on the site now, but I really want it to gain momentum, not just for the gratification of the site’s creators, but because what they’re talking about is one of the few things that actually means something. The only reason I haven’t posted there yet (before you ask) is that I have so many stores to tell I can’t choose one. I might just send them all in.

Check it out at, follow the site on facebook by searhing for ‘Stories For Stories’ and follow on Twitter @stories4stories. They have an RSS feed so You can add them to your RSS reader or whathaveyou. At least go check out the site. You might have a story of Your own…