The return* of Saxual Innuendo!

*’return’ to which there was no original appearence…except the Academy Comedy night back in October.

Some of you know I’m part of a band that was put together by, musician and cosplayer extraordinaire, the wonderful Lucy Morris. Now that we’ve all finished High school, by and large none of us were really getting the brass out (it had been two years since I had seriously used mine for anything) and Lucy thought up the idea of transcribing and arranging music from videogames for us to play as a group. Well, after months of rehearsal and generally muching around, with an actual performance somewhere in there too, we have some videos up on YouTube. The recordings we made at out debeut concert were extraordinarily loud, so we go tegether with some better gear and did them again. So here they are

and a gag reel

I still don’t know where the finished 20th Century Fox theme got to