Public apology

Ladies and gentlemen

It has come to light that I made a grevous error in uploadig audio recorded at the IRGO unConference without asking the permission of the recorded parties. This is a fair an accurate accusation as I didn’t ask the permission of…well…anyone. To that end I have removed all the infringing content from my blog, and would like to sincerely apologise to everyone whom I have offended in uploading it without permission. I will not be offering the content again.

Very sorry


7 thoughts on “Public apology

  1. There is a repository being set up, and I will leave files there, so that if anyone else complains it’s not my problem (not to be a db to erika or Andrew, but they seem to handle criticism better than I do)

  2. Shame. I never quite saw the difference btwn taking notes (ad-verbatim) and listening to the actual talk. We had note-takers during the unConference ( and anyway. I don’t see the fuss about uploading the audio format. Oh well. So where is this ‘repository’ then? I was hoping to catch up on the keynote speech (which was a real bore, if you ask me – seriously, reading out loud from a paper? I could have easily skyped in, you know?) .. cheers 🙂

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