Musings on the iPhone battery

I’ve made no secret in recent weeks that I own an iPhone, and As I transitioned into owning this device I’ve had to adjust my views on battery life. I’ve owned many phones and many media players from brands ranging from Motorola to Creative, and from Cowon to Sony Ericsson, and throughout that time I’ve researched how to best manage a lithium-ion battery for a combination of long battery life and battery longevity, and having the same time getting as much entertainment from the device as is reasonable.

What changed when I got the iPhone was that my perception of phone battery life had been shattered. Apparently, when I sold my old MOTORAZR2 and my 1st generation iPod Touch, and combined the two in my iPhone 3G I expected it it have the battery life of my phone, not the battery life of my iPod. Obviously it was the other way round, and I don’t have the battery life my grandioise delusions lead me to expect, but I certainly haven’t had the ‘extreme battery drain’ battery issues that some users complain about. No, wait. I lie, I have had them, once. They were fixed by a soft reset and an overnight charge in my SoundDock.

I still carry the mentality that my iPhone has the battery life of any normal phone, which is quite unrealistic, especially considering my current battery life seems much better than the status quo. I’m on it right now, and I’ve got plenty left, but I’ve only just started using location services now. Either way, I shouldn’t be worried about not having enough juice to last over several days because my iPhone goes back on the SoundDock every night that I’m home.

I don’t know… I’m sure I’ll figure it all out eventually

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