The iThing! Page 5: Travel apps

Now that life has gotten back under control I can get back to blogging 😀 I was going to do this outside, but there wasn’t a wall outlet 😛

This time it’s apps to use when you’re overseas, or just on the road

Kotoba! Japanese doctionary


I used to study Japanese at my old high school, so it’s good to have this around as a bit of a refresher. Simple enough, you search for a word in english and it brings up that word in several different forms of Japanese, as well as example sentences. This app can be used without any network connection, but it is a biggie.



One of many ‘nearby’ locator apps, if you’re looking for a restaurant, for example, choose restaurants, and the location you’re in (works better in the iPhone) and you’l get a list of restaurants within a certin radius.

Hotel Booker


A more narrow cast locator app. This one only views places to stay, but within that category it also let’s you book rooms online, create a list of favourite hotels and browse by map.

WiFi Finder


The slightly easier to use of the two WiFi scouting apps I have, this app looks up all the free and paid WiFi hotsopts near you. I haven’t needed it yet, but the odds are good that I will

Easy WiFi


I’m a bit grumpy about Easy WiFi. Although it’s very slick, it doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the databse for my hometown as WiFi Finder does. Might be better overseas.



FindNZ is a New Zealand specific locator app. It’s pretty useful too 🙂

Yellow Pages


This is a must-have app if you have an iPhone. Not only can you browse directories of businesses and people, but you can find them on a map, and call or email them. Both from within the app. It’s been very useful of late 😀


There are two types of commodore drivers, the ones with the radars, and the ones with the radar detectors. For the ones with the radar detectors I recommend this. As well as providing you with warnings for any traffic-enforcement post that is likely to fine/prosecute you, it posts them to twitter and facebook so all your OTP mates can avoid them too. Once you’ve all gone out on the backroads and crashed the streets will be free for me to drive my trusty Stagea in peace.



If you’re still alive after that have a go with this one. It’ll tell you where the speed cameras are so you can get your picture taken.

Are you the driver of a Holden Commodore who thinks I’m unfairly stereotyping you? then prove to me that you don’t think your car is superior to anything with wheels, and therefore you have the God-given right to drive however you please and that everyone else should all just GTFO of your way. Just because it won Bathurst, Your car is NOT God on wheels. Get used to it!



For those who prefer to fly instead of drive, this app will help take a bit off your bill. It checks the Air New Zealand GrabASeat deals, and presents them on the screen of your iThing with the number of seats available and a link to book online. Simple and effective.

Air New Zealand mPass


If you frequently fly with Air New Zealand this might be more useful to you than it is to me, not that I don’t or wouldn’t take advantage of the booking manager, eticket scanning, airpoints logging, and Air NZ website microbrowser. I just don’t fly much.

TripIt for iPhone


I haven’t had a use for this itinary planner either, since I have not come along on one of my fiance’s epic trips, but I have it on good authority that the tripit service is indespensible, so I’ll be keeping it about for when I do.

Electric Plugs


Another simple idea that a techie like me would find indespensible. This app lets you scroll through a list of all the countries in the world, and see what type of AC electricity plugs and outlets they use, as well as what their default voltages, and frequencies. Keep this one in mind if you’re taking a laptop anywhere!

Google Earth


Yes, compared to the desktop/laptop version this is a bit laggy, but you can only expect so much, especially on an older iThing. The photo is of the town where I grew up. Can’t see it underneath the target? that should explain a lot.

Ok, next up will be the one-trick ponies, the apps you get the first day you buy your iThing principally just to show off how flash it is. The sad thing is, I have two pages of them 😐

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