…helps if you actually include some content in your post

Right, after that little mishap I was just going to say a couple of things. a) there is a new entry up on ecoscarfie.blogspot.com and b) yesterday I was volunteering on the Mammoth Student Cleanout and my goodness!

How many of you didn’t hear about the e-waste recyclying that happened back in September!? We must have picked up twenty printers without exaggeration! Other things we picked up a lot of were road cones (no surprises there) and old clothes. We also found a Christmas tree, some toilet seats, and a big plush doll of the gingerbread man from ‘Shrek’

Also there was a huge fire on the main road into town last night. Two or three villas caught fire around where Fea St joins Pine Hill Rd and it made for a massive blaze. There wasn’t any news about it this morning, so that’s all I know, but I really hope everyone got out safely, and that they were insured.

Now things are settling down a bit I’ll try and get back to my regular schedule of blogging. Until then…


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