Getting married

In about eighty-four days I’m getting married to the woman I have been in love with for years.

(the video I made for Valentines day this year)

Susan and I have been together for four and a half years, by the grace of God (goodness knows I don’t deserve her) and at the end of june I asked her to marry me. It’s not like I wasn’t expecting to get married to her, because we decided, years ago before we were even dating, that we weren’t going to date without intending to get married. I guess that’s just as big a commitment in itself as getting married is, because you are commiting to making your relationship work as it would in a marriage, but without getting married, and that brings me onto my next point about Susan, her maturity.

Ever since we were kids I always thought Susan had a level of thought and maturity that were beyond her years. At church she would always ask the important questions, and at night she would spend her hours reading the writings of Plato & Socrates (no, really. She did actually do that when she was fifteen!). She was definitely the thinking sort, and spent a lot of time applying her efforts to school work that gained her academic rock star status. The first three pages of Google results are all about her, and she keeps popping up well past page 5. Don’t believe me?…

and here’s a film she was in

She ian’t all brains and no beauty though. She’s absolutely gorgeous! Funny thing is that when I had just hit double figures I had a crash on singer Hayley Westenra. About the same time Susan was told she looked like my celebrity crush from Hayley’s own cousin! Thus continuing the trend of Wardell spoused looking like a celebrity crush. (Dad used to look like William Shatner…well…he still does…but nowhere near as round)…anyway, Susan’s beauty is not overemphasised or flashy. She’s much more understated and elegant and ‘down-home’ Yes, she looks stunning in a ball gown, but she looks equally stunning in her pjs after a sleep-in.

After spending three months without her last summer, and all the time we’ve spent together this year. I really have come to realise that I just can’t be without her. Oh sure I still like to spend time by myself, but we have so much of eachothers heart that we’re inseperable, so on the 23rd of Januray we’re getting married. Still haven’t found a ceremony venue, still haven’t sent out the invites (despite the engagement happening in June) but we’re getting married in Januray, and I wouldn’t want to marry anyone else.

Love you Susan


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