iThing app updates

Since I started doing the two-sentence iThing app reviews I’ve updated some of the apps I use so I’m going to dedicate this post to covering the new apps from the first 4 pages.

Tweetie 2


This is a serious update to the original Tweetie, so much so that it was being sold as a different program at the time I bought it. Like SnowLeopard the biggest changes are under the hood. It has been designed to work with a few more for the mass of twitter-centric services like, TwitLonger, and Birdhouse, has built in URL shortening (which means it might be time to say goodbye to Squeezer ), and integrates more with your iThing as well as cahing tweets so you can read them off line within the app. Like I said, I’m not a masive twitterholic, so I didn’t rush out and buy this right away (yes, it is a seperate applicaiton to the original tweetie), but I’m not regretting it now

Say it & Mail It


This is another addition to my blogging arsenal, which allows me to email sound clips, with an accompanying picture, video, and/or map location. I’m still trying to work it into my system, so it might be a while before I actually start to use it regularly.



I has a bucket! There, I said it. I’m glad I found this app (about two months after I needed it, but still I’m glad I found it.) Photobucket allows you to browse your photo album and others, as well as uploading photos direct from the iThing to the site. It’s going to be a much better method for uploading my screenshots!

iScrobble Premium


Includes a plug for Leo Laporte! but seriously, I am a bit confused about this app. I know what it’s supposed to do, scrobble music to even when the app isn’t running, but I’m still unsure if it’s actually working. Last time I checked my profile it said the last songs I had played were scrobbled on Sunday afternoon, and aren’t even on my iThing. This app sounds good on paper, but I think I need to give it a little more testing. If you have had good experiences with it, please let me know .



Similar to NPR news, but more based around New Zealand news. I still have the NPR app. I’m using them side by side. This is a bit more simple than NPRs app. More centred around print news than audio and video news, but there is a podcast browser built in.

Westpac Locator


This is only one for the kiwis and aussies out there, and it’s a bit lackluster to be honest. If you’re a westpac bank customer you can use this app to look up the nearest westpac ATM or branch, contact the branches or sign in to your online banking account. What the last option does however is open a link in safari, as opposed to National Bank’s iBank app which handles all the banking within the app, and not in the browser. Looks like I always pick the worst banks from an iThing standpoint. Still ,at least they’re doing something to cater to the iThing crowd, another bank I use doesn’t even want to acknowlege we exist


I probably should have bought Depression journal instead, because it would have been more helpful with my anxiety disorder, but insted I chose to buy this. What it does is measures your heart rate by starting and stopping a timer while you count the number of beats you feel  when you take your pulse over a given ammount of time. yourPulse also has the added advantage of letting you set up your resting heart rate, so that the app can provide you with an ideal target heart rate for exercise and a maximum heart rate for your heart.


The screenshot doesn’t explain what this app does very well. Maybe this video will: Dinner Spinner


a simple app for helping you choose a meal to cook as well as showing you how to cook it. Will be much more useful when I get married

Next installment will be travel related apps, until then…


2 thoughts on “iThing app updates

  1. If you get the premium version, let me know if the background scrobbling works for You. 😛 I do posts about apps once a week, so there are a few more to come

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