Another Waste Blog update, and tip number 3

There’s another blog update!

With that, here is another of the 350 tips to discuss for living a greener lifestyle ‘Grow your own fruit and veg’

I’m not going to come straight out and say ‘impractical, get stuffed’ because I think this is a good idea. As much of a tech guy as I am I realise that I have neglected some of the simple things like learning how to grow a garden, and I’m not proud of that. i think that it’s something that’s very important to learn for many reasons.

Firstly, once you’ve established a garden, it’s going to work out to be a lot cheaper than going to the supermarket to buy fruit and vegetables, which already cost a packet let alone driving to and from the supermaket (if you live out of town like my parents do that’s an unnecessarily long trip) Secondly, you’re much less likely to be eating GE food. If you’re one of those people who is vhermently pro organic food this is a good option for you because you control what goes into your food and what doesn’t. There are arguments that before we had pesticides and herbicides sprayed all over our food we lived longer, but there are arguments to the contrary too, so I personally think you should make that decision yourself.

Thirdly, it teaches an all-important concept; self-sufficiency. Say we get some kind of apocolyptic event (zombies, armageddon, Brian Tamaki taking over the world, etc) and most, if not all of the systems we use for collecting, preparing and eating our food are as good as non-existent. In our present condition as a race, I think a good third of the population would starve to death because none of us know how to properly run a vege garden. The geek community is especially bad at this, and I’m including myself here. Most of our food arrives in a cardboard box in the back of a car, or in plastic packages and warp at the supermarket. My fiance has actually challenged me to start learning to garden with her next year, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do for all the reasons above.

Now some of you might be saying ‘but I live in an apartment, I have no space for a garden’ There’s more than one way to skin this proverbial cat. One alternative is to make a portable garden in something like a toy wagon which you can move around your apartment to get the most sun throughout the day. Another is to get involved with a local community garden. These aren’t very well advertised, but if you fall in with the right crowd you’ll find one for sure.

That’s about it for now, Ciao.


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