Waste blog update & tip ‘1’ of 350


So earlier I mentioned a friend of mine has started a blog documenting 
her elimination of personal waste for a year at http://ecoscarfie.blogspot.com
  and I said I was going to follow along as well a discussing the 
three-hundred and fifty tips for changing your lifestyle to be more 
environmentally friendly. When I took the photo of the board at the 
Spring Food Festival I managed to miss the first tip, so I’m starting 
on the second one.

Fittingly enough, since most of the blog entry was about food, the 
first tip was to cut down on meat and dairy consumption. It’s probably 
worth noting at this point that the idea behind these tips was to 
apply them to your life *where applicable* because a lot of you will 
pobably flat out refuse o acknowlege that I suggested that cutting 
down on how much meat you eat and how much milk you drink.

I agree that it’s certainly a radical idea, and growing up on a farm 
where we raised our own sheep, and some of them were kulled for a 
roast dinner or for the dogs to eat, I’ve grown to expect meat eating 
as a way of life. But even a red-blooded male like myself has can cut 
down on how much meat they eat, without resorting solely to rabbit 
food and soy milk.

Since I have moved out of home, my meat consumption has dropped 
sharply, mostly due to the lack of time an energy I hav when I get 
back from work at 9 p.m. My meals mostly consist of pasta and various 
sauces, and I’m very happy with that. These days I eat meat on an 
average of once a week, maybe twice If I’m going to dinner with my 
parents or in-laws to be. I’d usually have something with some kind of 
meat in it four days a week at home. Now one of Mum’s legendary roasts 
is a real treat.

Has there been a difference in my health? I can’t see one. I still get 
just as full with pasta as I would with a steak, the blood tests I’ve 
had this year have not shown any iron defficiency. I don’t believe my 
mental health comes into it anywhere, so I don’t think this cut down 
on meat has affected my health.

As for dairy. I still drink a glass of milk every day. I do have my 
suspicions about soy milk, and cows milk is the easiest way to give 
kids calcium, assuming you can afford it (if I ever find that the 
price of milk has been fixed, I’ll make a VERY big stink about it), so 
on that front I think cutting down on dairy is impractical. If the 
companies who bottle milk can use reusable materials (what was the 
problem with glass bottles?) then we might lt least see a reduction in 
waste going to landfill, but I don’t think cutting dairy down is 
realistic, in some cases people need to intake more.

Ok, bye for now.


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