My friend’s new blog!

I was looking through Facebook tonight, and came accross an announcement that a friend of mine has a new blog, documenting her decsion to go a year without producing waste, and whatever antics will no doubt ensue from that. I’ve decided to follow along, and I’ll share it with you all. The address is

It should be a challenge to us all. I personally don’t think that modern man can go 100% without waste (we were born with an anus, for goodness sake) but I do agree that we waste a lot. I was also at the spring food festival and I also saw the board of 350 suggestions for living more environmentally. There were some suggestions that I found impractical (and only one or two of them were to do with my love of cars), but a lot of them seemed like pure common sense. I took a photo of the boards and I’ll disciscuss these suggestions with each entry that my friend puts up.

Anyway check out the blog! I’ll post another entry about it soon!


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