iPhone apps, page 4: Games!

Right, now that my exam is done, I can get back to the finer things in life, like blogging!

…yeah, that was a bit too cheesy

Right, this time it’s games!

I do a lot of racers and arcade games, so this might get a bit repetitive



The iThing version of the popular Pod Cap Game. The objective is to hit all the orange pegs with yout ten ball bearings, a bit like pinball. There are different power-ups depending on which character you play with/as. I personally prefer Jimmy Lightning’s multi-ball attack

Real GTI Racing


Claimed to be a rival for PSP based racing sims, they’re not far off. If you’re used to the PSP though, the tilt-based control might take a bit of getting used to. This app is a shameless plug for VW’s new Golf GTI, but it’s good enough that I let that pass

Slotz Racing


I never had a slot car set when I was a kid. Actually, strike that. I did have one, and it broke within a week so I took it back. This version’s much more reliable. There are plenty of circuits ant tournaments to keep you busy (I still haven’t finished it yet, and I’ve had it since February) and it uses touch control in the same way you would squeeze a trigger on a regular slot car set.

Audi A4 Driving Test


Drive your very own Audi A4 through a series of sourses marked out by road cones. Uses a mixture of tilt and touch control, so it was a bit difficult to get a decent screenshot. Hit the road cones, and you get a time penalty

Light Bike


For all the Tron fans out there… It’s s fun little game. For the uninitiated, you have to make a light trail with your bike that the otehr three bikes have no choice but to crash into. Starts out easy, but the challenge does increase with levels

Bounce On Lite


A 2D side scroller where the main character is a bouncy ball. Actually quite cute

Virtual Pool


I like to think of this game as the epitome of cool (probably says a lot about me right there), it’s touch based, and I have already clocked it twice, but it’s by far the game I play most, even more then the racers, and the iThing port of Worms, speaking of…



Yes, the infamous game of worms strategy as been ported to the iThing. The only problem I have wth this port is the jetpack is really hard to master, other than that it’s a faithful reproduction of an old classic

ISR: Race To The Moon


Once you get it booted up (If you’re anyhitng like me you’ll have to try two or three times) you’ll be playing a 3D representation of what Luke Skywalker saw on his targeting computer when he was storming the death star. Because of the booting issues I haven’t given this game a lot of my attention, so I’ve just been playing it in time-attack mode, and to be honest, I’m still not sure if I’ve actually won anything

Water Slide Extreme


A racer with a difference, you’re a person sliding down an epic hydroslide and you have to make it in the fastest time. Novel concept, great execution, difficult to master. Should keep you busy rght until your battery runs out.

Duck Shoot


Same premise as the real thing, shoot the ducks, don’t shoot the babies. Works by Touch or tilt, but I prefer touch.

Falling Balls


A tilt based game where you make your stick figure run to the left or right to avoid the falling balls, What happens if they hit you? look that the screeshot.



Can’t afford/too eliteist for a Wii? you can use this app to look just as ridiculous! You swing the iThing to bowl the ball, so make sure you have a good grip on it! You can also flick the ball in a similar fashion to VirtualPool, but I don’t have a Wii, so the idea of swinging my phone and making a fool of myself appeals to me

(just so you know, I have nothing against the Wii, nor anyone who plays it)

TapTap Revolutuion


I actually just keep this app on there because when people ask me if they can play with my iPhone (iThing would have just sounded wrong there) this is usually what they end up playing.



An anagram solver, obviously I’m not very good at it.



When you’re looking for a version of Hangman for your iThing, look for the one with the blue background and just a noose in the foreground. It’s the best one I’ve tried. Allows for single player or two player mode, as well as different dictionaries to choose words from.

…so the iThing is not a bad game device. I can’t see myself shelling out for a PSP again, even if I miss out on Gran Turismo.

anyway, I’m off to the Spring Foods Festival, so I’ll see you all there!


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