Page three, Eno Galore!


This page is mostly full of music related stuff, particularly music generators. Ghostly Discovery is on this page because I shift apps around a lot on the other nine (it’s grown to ten now) pages.



The reason I got into the whole App thing in the first place. This was a concept developed by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, whereby you could interact with the music being played by tapping on the screen, and making a pattern that would repeat itself, gradually fading out. A similar concept to pretty much every other ambient record Brian has produced, but if Ambient is your cup of tea (or your sleep aid) this series of apps are great!



The second Eno-themed app (hence the name) is a concept based around the infamous Music For Airports. You can control voice and piano parts by pressing the triangles, and like the other two, you can just let it play itself.



This rounds up the Eno Trio. It’s much more like Bloom, except there are two difference; Trope responds to dragging your finger accross the screen. It also has different sounds to it. I actually tried sleeping to this one a couple of nights ago, and soporify followed soon after (honest Brian, this is a good thing!)



Aura is another music maker, but it’s bounds are a bit more limited. Makes nice sounds, but absolutely chomps through the battery



Similar to Aura, but makes more organic noises…like if a Gamelan group started playing synthesizers



A radio streamer for the only New Zealand station I like (the fact that I like any radio station at all means a helluva lot if you know anyhting about me)



Same idea, different station. Haven’t actually been able to given it a run yet, because the stream has been down



If I spent more time on here I would have no more room on my harddrive. Jamendo is a website for unsigned artists to upload their music for audiences to play and download for free or donation to use however you please (within reason, but there are far far less restrictions than commercial music!) This app basically does everythign the website does, save the downloading. If you’re not on a high data plan this will chew into your allowance significantly.

Deadmau5 Touch Mix


A novel way to market your music. This app lets you take deadmau5 tracks and beatmatch them, adding basic effects and leting you scratch the waveform. Fun

Otago Maps


This app was developed for Otago Uni students (in the town where I live and work) to find their way around the campus, You can search by specific categories (exam rooms, computer labs, lecture theatres) and you will get a drop pin (a-la Google Maps) pointing to that room. If you have an iPhone you can have it use the location services to tell you where you are, handy if you’re a first year from Auckland (yeah, I went there Ella, come and get me)

Meal Diary


I’ve been a bit guilty for neglecting this app since I don’t own scales, but when I have used it it has been handy for tracking my food intake, compared to the ammount of exercise I get, and presents it on charts over a period of time. I’d probably use it more if I had scales)

Natural Cures


Has a list of medical conditions, their causes and ways to treat them including appropriate nutirtion. It did warn me that some meds can be highly addictive, which is a lie. I can barely remember to take them, let alone get addicted to them 😐

Air Sharing Pro


A method of uploading things to your iThing via Wi-fi. Sets up the device as a folder on the network it is connected to, where you can dump your stuff by typing the IP address in on your computer.



If you live in New Zealand chances are you’ve heard of 1-day, a site where there are three daily deals for your perusal. This app only browses the deals, it sends you to a webpage in safari to actually buy stuff, which was a bit of a letdown, but it’s handier when you’ve just got the iThing, and not the computer.

…yep, that’s it. Next week, it’s the games!


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