iPhone apps, page two


The second page. stuff I use a bit, but not quite as much as the first page.



Pretty simple concept. Take a photo (or add one from your library) and it’ll bump up the contrast and put a nice white polaroid-esque frame around it. Works quite well on some photos. Sucks on others



Sends photos to other iThings over bluetooth. Unfortunately it’s not that effective. Soon to be swapped for ‘Mover+’



I have a feeling this won’t be the last app in the ‘swiss army knife’ genre, but for now this is the best I’ve come across. Don’t look up the battery life applet too often. You’ll get depressed 😦



It’s free calling, but on the iPhone over WiFi. Thanks to the wonderful insitution of ‘contractual agreement’ you can’t make skype calls over 3G in most carriers, still at least New Zealanders have to be sold unlocked phones by law.


I love this app! It’s perfect for when I hear a piece of music on a commercial and want to know what it is. The phone records 15 seconds of music, sends it off to a database and comes back within a minute. You can then tweet your findings, go to the iTunes store to buy the song, or look up the video on YouTube. The best implementation of music ID software I’ve seen to date.



I make no bones about the fact that I suck at budgeting (I have in iPhone, for goodness sake, any financially responsible person would immediately see that as a wasted investment!), so this app has been quite handy. You can factor in all sorts of expenses, as well as automatic payments that get deducted from the monthly total you set. A nice colour-coded gauge to show me how much money I have (or don’t have).

The only improvement I’d suggest is the option of being able to view balances by fortnight instead of by month

Hospital Records (iLike)


Drum & bass bastians Hospital Records were one of the throng of artists and labels who have signed up for an iLike app. These appsa all pretty much do the same thing, that is give you lins to the latest music and videos from the artist/label, links to their blog, twitter, and facebook fan walls, as well as concert information. This is the only iLike app I have and probably the only one I’ll ever get, which says something about how much I like Hospital records (as much as Ghostly International)



I’m actually quite grumpy about what happened to this app. On the morning of the Samoan tsunami I opened it up to find out more information about said tsunami and was greeted with the picture you see above. In my opinion, if the the NZ herald don’t re-introduce this app, then revenue-loss or not, they have shot themselves in the balls. Grrrrrrrrrr!

NPR News


Well, since the NZ herald app is now about as useless as a radio show for deaf people (), I’ve had to resort to this app for my world news. Still, it’s not like NPR news is second rate. It shows world news, streams NPRs programs, provides a list of US stations that carry NPR, lets you create a playlist of your favourite shows, and integrates with facebook, so it’s not like I’m wanting for features here.

Free RSS reader


does what it says on the tin, and does it well.



You tap the screen at regular intervals and this app shows you how many beats per minute you’re tapping at. Works great as a DIY pulse monitor,



A secure easy way to remember al your bank details, just don’t forget the password…like I did once.



Literally the only TV guide app I could find that provided New Zealand listings. Lets you view in advance, which is handy for figuring out when and on what channel Family Guy is on.

Ghostly Discovery


An uncommon application (in the iThing sphere), from one of my (two) favourite record lables. Effectively combining the ideas behind mood rings and Last.fm this app streams the entire Ghostly & Spectral Sounds catalouges, with specific playlists depending on a) your mood, b) the tempo, and c) how organic or digital the song sounds. This app then lets you create playlists of your favourites which you can email to yourself and then perform the requisite tweeting of said playlists. If you like a bit of electronia/IDM, this app is solid gold!

Page three next week, including more streaming, and the magnificence that is Brian Eno.


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