iPhone applications, page one (hopefully I got it right this time)


Simple enough, two-or-three sentence descriptions of the iPhone/iPod touch apps I use and why I like them. I have nine pages, so I’ll spread this out over a few entries.

Safari + Mail
http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w175/thered_basshead/IMG_0089.png [IMG]http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w175/thered_basshead/IMG_0090.png[/IMG]
Both came with the phone. Safari is the only standalone internet browser I’ve seen for the hpone, and I’m pretty sure Apple wouldn’t allow anotehr one (though firefox for iPhone would be some feat!) Mail is simple, but it does the job for me. Pick up email from my work, and my gmail address, lets me send messages πŸ™‚



The most popular free app on the store. Shows how crazy about facebook everyone is. I’ll write an entry about social netwroking sometime which will include some more detail about this app. If you don’t think it’s that good, you probably don’t have version 3.0. It’s a huge improvement!



does what it says on the tin. some countries (New Zealand included) make heavy use of text messages, and we’ve been able to MMS for years πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›



Goes with this blog to enable picture posting without using email. Creates a good album template for photos on the blog. That’s about all it does at this stage, though it’s be nice to see some more functionality in newer versions



Twitter. You love it or you hate it. I’m not a twitterholic, but I can definitely see it’s potential. This application does all the stuff I want it to do (adding photos to tweets, manages multiple accounts, read and reply to direct messages, look at trends) and it’s pretty no-nonsense as far as the interface goes.



It’s probably worth mentioning that I have a row of applications dedicated to social networking (except that facebook isn’t on it). Squezer is simply a URL shortener for the iPhone. You can use bit.ly, to.ly, is.gd, or RFly.me to shorten your address (which you paste in from wherever) then tweet it or send it to facebook straight from the application. Simple, but effective πŸ˜€

Mobile Music Messenger


Since they don’t sell last.fm in the New Zealand App store (note to Apple. Localization WILL HURT YOU EVENTUALLY!), I’ve gone and found something better. Basically it’s what Squeezer does, but for the music you’re listening to. You can tweet it or send it straight to facebook within the app, and it includes a link to more info about the song. If you see my status say I’m listening to somehting from TWiT, cnet, or NPR this is probably where it came from



Built in application. I’m so glad I have a phone that does this now, after google maps on my old Nokia 5700 I dodn’t think I’d ever get to again. It was so handy for on-the-fly directions (yes, I am aware of the ‘do not use while driving’ warning, that’s why I pull over when I use it)

YouVersion Bible


I like this app above the others on the store for three reasons. One, it may be on a screen, but it’s very easy to read. Two, you can download several different translations in case you get into one of those theological debates. And three, you can search for any word or phrase in the bible and it’ll take you to it (depends on how good your memory is though.) Also includes a chapters of the day function πŸ™‚

Fliq Notes


I know Leo Laporte recommends EverNote, but I’m deeply let in using both this, and the next app I’m going to talk about. You can file notes by name, date, or category (I choose category) and it’s really easy to create and manage them. There is the added bonus of being able to syncnotes with a PC running matching software, but I have yet to need that.



To-do lists you can file in the same ways as Fliq notes. You can take a screenshot of your list to use as your wallpaper, but I prefer my If Found wallpaper. Has a badge to tell you how many things you’ve got to do.



People complain about the iPhone’s built-in clock, but I like it. Has as many world clocks as you can make (Taylor from FIG kids made 10), as many alarm clocks as you can make (I’ve made 8), a stopwatch, and a countdown timer you can either use with an alarm to time how long your food needs to stay in the oven. or as a sleep timer if you like to leave your music on when you’re going to sleep.

It’s the same as the Calculator in Dashboard on the iMac. Nothing more to say…except if you turn the phone on it’s side it turns into a scientific one.





Again, everyone complains about this, but I’m one of those people who is willing to hack around the limitations of the built-in calendar. I just make a second event with a list of all the other things I have on that rings at 7 a.m. There kids, that’s how ya do it.

and since not too many people seem to know how to do this, I got the screenshots by pressing the stop button and the sleep button at the same time. Your iThing will flash like someone’s thrown a flashbang, then everything will be normal again



3 thoughts on “iPhone applications, page one (hopefully I got it right this time)

  1. You’re welcome Seth. It’s an awesome application! It was a bit crashy when I upgraded to 3.1, but it’s working fine now. Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

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